Julius Shulman was an American architectural photographer. I first discovered his work through the documentary Visual Acoustics: The modernism of Juluis Shulman. I've always found this his work and this particular documentary inspiring, and it poses an interesting question in regards to the network effects of the creation process itself.

While it might feel like the end of a journey when an artist creates a great piece of work, it is merely just the beginning. A successful piece of art or design goes on to enter into a relationship with the rest of culture for years to come as photographers, writers, inhabitants, and even bloggers on the internet all enter into a relationship with this cultural artifact and interpret it through their own lens. In doing so, new cultural artifacts are creating in the processes, and so on and so on.

To me, Shulman's work is the perfect encapsulation of this process. Some of the buildings he photographed no longer exist, which makes his photographs all the more critical in this endless process of birth, re-birth, and interpretation.