Pat Riley is a Creative Director & Designer at BTC Inc. Originally from Atlanta and currently based in Nashville, he spends his days leading a creative team to design experiences, media properties, and products to empower individual freedom and accelerate the bitcoin revolution.

After a few years spent absorbing nature in the Appalachian mountains, he dropped out of school to return to his hometown of Atlanta to study Art & Design. It was here he become absorbed in the local art scene and landed an internship at ABV Agency, a leading creative studio and gallery space founded by Greg Mike. This experience fostered an entrepreneurial spirit and informed his design sensibilities. He went on to study hand painted typography, land a sales position in the cult of Apple, and then in 2014 joined BitPay, a pioneering bitcoin startup.

With a team of mostly engineers, Riley worked on some of the pioneering interfaces for bitcoin payments including wallets, dashboards, and online payment flows. The experience gained here blurred the line between UI/UX design and developing infrastructure for bitcoin itself, as the company's open source philosophy at the time paved the way for the bitcoin ecosystem and technologies we see today.

In 2016, he moved to Nashville, TN as an early hire at BTC Media (now BTC Inc), a bitcoin focused media company. From 2016-2017 he led the rebranding and product development efforts for Bitcoin Magazine, yBitcoin, and launched Distributed. a new publication and event series dedicated to the emerging blockchain industry. In 2017 alongside a core team at BTC, he co-founded and incubated, a bitcoin based protocol & development foundation.