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Right now I am working as VP, Design at BTC Inc where I lead the creative team to create experiences, tools, and applications to push forward decentralized applications in media.


I have been practicing various forms of design for the past 5 years. After a short tenure at art school, my journey really began as an intern assisting with large scale murals and art installations. Since then my path has taken me more into the digital realm lately, where I craft digital products and solve problems for (mainly) crypto companies.


I heard about bitcoin in early 2014, back when you still had to be a little bit crazy to believe it was going to work. I knew immediately that this was the most important invention of my lifetime, and that on boarding the next million user onto this new standard was going to require designers and systems thinkers that could bridge the technological gap as the technology matured.


As a self taught programmer and entrepreneur, I've had to learn my way around the entire stack in order to produce the highest quality of work possible. I believe a product mindset and an ability to dive in and learn new skills on the fly is essential in order to communicate within a team and ship quality work.